Our Departments

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Produce department at Comptons

Comptons Market offers a wide variety of fresh produce and vegetables. Please come in and check out our quality produce which is grown in California and other parts of the United States. Quality is guaranteed with the best price is town.




Comptons Market offers a wide variety of bakery items. Bread and other baked goods are delivered everyday from Bella Bru (Sacramento), Village Bakery (Davis), and Freeport Bakery (Sacramento). Great selections of desserts.

Dairy Department


Please visit us and check out our wide variety of organic milk, yogurts, and butters from Clover (Petaluma,CA). We offer Crystal Creameries full-line of products. We offer Straus Family Creamery milk, and ice-cream. We have all the eggs for your family, both organic and natural from Rock Island (Petaluma,CA).

Dairy cases at Comptons

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Rare Red Deals on Wine-min

Comptons Market has a phenomenal wine and liquor department. We offer a large variety of California and International wines. We have a great selection of craft spirits. We also have a great selection whiskey, and vodka. We have a big selection of conventional and craft beers. We carry a majority of local breweries, including Russian River. Please visit us and check our selection of hundreds of local beers. You will be impressed.


Local coffees at Comptons

Comptons Market is known for its great selection of natural and organic items from the States, and on an international level. We have a great selection cooking oils, pastas, and spices. Everything you need in a kitchen to prepare any type of meal, we carry. A wide variety of gourmet soft drinks, and big selection of waters. We have a decent selection of over the counter medicines. We have the majority of locally roasted coffee beans such as Temple, Pachamama, Old Soul, Insight, Peets, Jeremiah’s, as well as many others. We have a wide selection of frozen food for those with meat, vegetarians, as well as vegan options.

Pantry items at Comptons

Meat & Seafood


Comptons Market has the best beef from Harris Ranch (Fresno, CA). We offer the best pork and poultry/fish delivered to us every other day. We offer smart organic chicken. We offer organic and natural meats from SunFed Ranch in Woodland,CA.

Household & Pet


We’ve got you covered with housewares, cleaning supplies, paper products and personal care products.  At Compton’s we value environmentally friendly products, and we carry a wide selection of natural, organic cleaning supplies—including the full line of Mrs. Meyer’s household cleaners, laundry products, and hand soaps. East Sac’s pet lovers will find all their pet essentials in Aisle 4!